Sustainability at AEC Printing
AEC Printing strives to find new ways to benefit the environment and our community while creating a great place for our staff members to work.
We Care!
Many printing companies have "greened" their image in recent years.  AEC Printing does much more than simply talk about protecting the environment and being a good community member. 

Our commitment to the environment includes our paper, which is recycled or made from products of sustainably-managed forests.  It includes our toners and dyes, which are non-toxic and produced in zero-waste facilities.  It includes nearly all our printed products, which are recyclable.  And it includes our printing process, which eliminates and recycles waste whenever possible.  In addition, we contribute a portion of our profits to organizations that benefit the global environment.

We believe that sustainability encompasses more than protecting the environment, and includes our relationship with our community.  We work hard to find vendors and partners within our local community.  We have a long-standing policy to donate a portion of our yearly profits to local charities.  We also provide affordable printing options to local organizations who may not otherwise be able to buy the printing they need.

AEC Printing is always ready to do more to make a difference.  Do you have a great idea?  Please share it with us!